Doctor Visit

Doctor visit: It’s hard enough when you or a family member is unwell, but struggling to see a doctor and having to wait days, sometimes weeks, can make the experience worse. That’s why WWA is here to provide fast access to professional, caring local doctors – and you don’t even have to go to a clinic or Hospital and wait for hours, We come to you. No hassle, no waiting – just quality medical care for you and your family at the comfort of your home.

Hotel Arrangement

There could be nothing worst if you do not find a quality hotel for your stay during your travel, it can mess all your fun if hotel you staying is not high standards. We will find best hotels for you, as per your needs and budget you need to relax and enjoy your Holiday without any worry. We can also arrange your transportation as per your requirements.

Air Ambulance

WWA is always at your service with its fully ICU-equipped Air Ambulance, together with an experienced team to deal with all your evacuation and repatriation requests.Aircraft are specially designed for Air Ambulance service, and are equipped with ICU stretchers and state-of-the-art on board medical equipment. . The medical equipment on board provides the highest care for the patient being transported on each Air Ambulance mission. On every mission one Medical Doctor and one Registered Nurse accompanies the patient at all times .The aircraft and her crew are fully approved by all local and international authorities and comply with all the latest safety guidelines and rules.

Ground Ambulance

WWA provides the world Class ground Ambulance services we provide ALS , BLS Ambulance services with highly trained medical team. We have all kinds of life saving advance equipments with us in our Ambulance. So no matter if this is a transfer to a local hospital, to Airport or a transfer another better facility , you will always be in Safe hands and will reach to your destination safely and on time.

Our Services

Happy to Serve

All medical solutions just a Click away !

As the world leader in Travel Insurance, Assistance and Personal Services, we operate on a 24/7/365 basis and all assistance interventions are handled in-house by its highly trained and experienced multilingual teams. We operate under the instruction of our client companies and provide them with an efficient and transparent service. Our team ensures the highest level of care that is always extended to our clients. We are the most commonly preferred medical service provider to the world’s leading assistance companies.

Hereby we would like to offer you our services. Being your local partner in India, we can guarantee swift operations at very advantageous prices. Also through our vast network and experience on the local market we can control expenses made for medical services.


We assist our clients with the best possible solution for the Medical and Travel needs.